Special Structures


The Special Structures project involves the use of advanced design and sizing skills, integrating a team of experienced, trained and committed engineers and designers to address major challenges.

Within the Special Structures Division we develop engineering projects for QUADRANTE's different Business Areas, with a special focus on Transport and Hydraulics, with experience in Portugal and the African and Latin-American markets.

We carry out highly complex Structural Design projects which involve constructive phasing evolving the structural system and loading over time, a strategy typically used for bridges. In Transport, we are experts in different types of high and long-span road and railway bridges, including in-situ, prefabricated or prestressed concrete and steel-concrete mixed structures. In Hydraulics, we are experts in support structures for hydroelectric power stations and treatment plants, among others. For extreme seismic requirements, we develop basic insulation solutions or damping elements through non-linear dynamic analysis.