General Plan for integrated management of water resources of the river Zambeze



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Ministério da Energia e Águas – Direcção Nacional de Recursos Hídricos (DNRH)

General Plan for integrated management of water resources of the river Zambeze

The PGGIRH of the river Zambeze, in Angolan territory, with about 150,000 km², also includes the drainage basin of the river Cuando. The main objectives of the PGGIRH are the following: Ensure water supply to the entire population, under proper conditions of quantity and quality; Prevent and mitigate the effects of floods, droughts and pollution accidents, with a view to safeguarding people and property; Ensure the availability of water for the different areas of socioeconomic activities; Recover the quality of surface water and groundwater and prevent their degradation. The scope of studies comprises four phases: Phase I - Characterisation and diagnosis of the existing situation; Phase II - Supplementary studies (hydrology and hydrogeology, water supply and sanitation, agriculture, industry, socioeconomics, energy, environment, spatial planning, hydraulic infrastructure); Phase III - Assessment of alternative scenarios; Phase IV - Strengthening of the general plan (establishment of goals and action strategies, action programmes).

In parallel with the PGGIRH, the process involved a strategic environmental assessment and community participation.

Services provided involved several fields of expertise such as: Hydrological and hydrogeological studies; water supply and sanitation; hydroelectric developments; agriculture and irrigation; water quality; terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems; environment; extraction of aggregates; spatial planning; water economy; legal and institutional aspects; strategic environmental assessment; community participation; geographic information systems.