High Voltage Electricity


Quadrante's High Voltage Power and Energy Division provides Consulting and Engineering services for highly-demanding and complex projects. Possessing a perfect knowledge of technological advancements in the energy market, we develop innovative solutions that are functional, reliable and, above all, sustainable, from the point of view of the cost of construction and operation and also from an environmental point of view.

Our experienced team allows us to operate in both conventional and unconventional sectors of power production, transportation and distribution, including substations and medium- to very high-voltage transmission lines.

As part of QUADRANTE's internationalisation strategy and in support of our customers, this Division develops multidisciplinary projects in Portugal, Africa and Latin America.

Based on QUADRANTE's innovation and forward-thinking strategy, the Division develops its projects using BIM (Building Information Modelling) software.). We also use a set of computer tools governed by international standards to support the Engineering area, which has given our work worldwide recognition.