In the Environment Division we have a multidisciplinary technical team, with extensive experience in environment and climate change, focused on quality and versatility of sustainable solutions.

A team that supports the internationalisation of QUADRANTE, being responsible for Technical and Environmental Due Diligences, Planning and Management of Water Resources and Solid Waste, EIA, Environmental Licensing, Audits, Environmental Follow-up, and Monitoring.

We have developed studies in the fields of Waste and Effluents, Soil Contamination, Ecology and Forest Resources, Socioeconomics and Heritage, globally integrated with the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

In the context of climate change, this Division operates in the areas of Public Policy (PP), European Emissions Trading (CELE) and Strategic Management for Climate Change (GEAC). QUADRANTE was the first Portuguese company to operate in this area and to issue, in the scope of Carbon Offset, the Climate Responsibility certification with the brand Carbonfree®.