Panamerican Highway between la Chorrera and Santa Cruz – Panama







In Construction


Consortium “FCC Corredor de las Playas 1” by FCC CONSTRUCCION, S.A. and OPERADORA CICSA, S.A. of C.V.

The project consists of the expansion and reconstruction of the Panamerican highway, between Chorrera and Santa Cruz (36 km of length), increasing from 2 x 2 lanes to 3 x 3 lanes. Elevated interchanges have been introduced, as well as return routes along the highway and new service roads, as access to the highway can no longer be direct. In terms of bridges and fly-overs, the total number is substantial – about 50 – including new and enlarged works, half of which are overhead pedestrian passages.  Participation in the project began during the tender phase, in which the "FCC Corredor de las Playas 1" consortium presented a proposal for construction and maintenance based on the Preliminary Design developed by the Iceacsa-Viaponte project consortium. When the submitted proposal was awarded the contract, the project continued with the Detail Design phase.