We develop efficient and sustainable airports

Nuno Costa

With more than 20 years of experience in the development and management of high profile and complex projects in Europe, Africa and Latin America.

Currently, airports are the most used infrastructures as they are "gateways" into the fastest means of transporting people. The continuous growth of air traffic, which growths at a faster pace than the airport capacity, has represents great challenges to the managers of those infrastructures. Nowadays, it is necessary to increase the capacity of the airports by expanding their area and increasing the efficiency of the existing infrastructures.

At QUADRANTE we support our clients through the development of new airports or the expansion/redesign of the existing ones, by developing infrastuctures that achieve:

- operational excellence and resilience

- suitable non-aviation revenue

- excellent “passenger experience”

- functional integration of all stakeholders (managing entities, airlines, handlers, passengers, etc.)

- Capex flexibility

- Efficient management of the OPEX (Energy management, predictive energy management, automation, flow monitoring)

- Sustainability

Each airport represents a huge challenge: it is our goal to make the operation of a complex airport simple.

QUADRANTE has cooperated with a great number of managing entities, both in the development of new airports, such as the one in Montijo - Portugal, Catarina in Brazil, international airports of Libreville-Gabon, Kumasi - Ghana or São Tomé and Príncipe, and expansions of existing airports such as Portela-Lisbon and international airports of Fortaleza and Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil. We also support concession holders during bids or acquisitions, such as in the case of the airports of Salvador, Fortaleza and Porto Alegre in Brazil, the privatisation of ANA in Portugal or the airport of Ishfahan in Iran.

Main Areas of Intervention:

Masterplanning (new airports or expansions)

Feasibility Studies

Obstacle Limitation Surfaces

Capacity Studies (Landside e Airside)

Aircraft and passenger simulations

Airfields (Preliminary plans, concept and detail design):

Design of Runways and associated taxiways

Design of Aprons and associated systems

Design of visual aids, AGL, signs and marking

Design of NavAids

Design of heliports and helipads

Control Towers

Terminals (Preliminary plans, concept and detail design):



MEP Systems (Mechanic, Electrical and Hydraulic Installations)

ICT Systems (Communications and Information Systems)

Other facilities (Preliminary plans, concept and detail design in Architecture and Engineering):

ARFF (Airfield rescue and firefighting buildings)

Hangars and MRO

Cargo Terminals

VIP/CIP Terminals

Electrical Substations

Technical Buildings

Landside (Preliminary plans, concept and detail design):




Fields of Expertise

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